Our Bow & Heritage


Antoinette's Heritage

Antoinette is happy to promote the smock art heritage. Smocking is a Middle-Ages traditional sewing technique to reinforce fabric so it can stretch.

I grew up wearing smocked dresses and they are still worn in France and Europe today, the reason this art form still exists is because it never goes out of fashion. I am taking lot of pleasure to see this know-how passed down from generation to generation and reached its pinnacle when the Royal Families used it to dress their children such as the adorable Princess Charlotte.

I am committed to add an avant-garde, refresh touch to smock dresses, by selecting a large shade of bright colors, refined soft fabrics, charming prints, best quality mother of pearl buttons, and by applying Haute-Couture embroidery stitches.

Antoinette distinguished itself with fine reversible color back ribbons and covered back buttons!

Butterfly 🦋 back bow is our Signature!