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Aurelia, The Founder

Introducing Aurelia de Sailly, Founder of Antoinette.

I grew up in Paris and I decided to bring the traditional French clothes heritage in the USA where I lived with my husband from 2017 to 2020 and where my first son was born. I appreciate French elegance and quality design of dresses with delicate handmade smocks and embroideries - it brings back the beauty of little Princess style to a new generation of children.

So, I design classic cut dresses with the most precious and refined couture details for a new look that's chic and modern. My French culture is a real source of inspiration: Impressionism painting movement, floral theme, Haute Couture designers, classic music, architectural heritage as well as Paris the city were my heart will always live!

Passionate about classic and exquisites' handmade kids fashion and children, Antoinette was one dream I had to see turned into reality.

I hope that you will enjoy Antoinette as much as the world's princess does!

Aurelia, Bisous de Paris

The passion for timeless and traditional children's clothing

Dressing up with an Antoinette Paris dress is a timeless charming experience for little girls and boys.

It’s a beautiful invitation to the Court of Marie-Antoinette in Versailles

At Antoinette Paris we love to offer little girls’ elegant handmade smocked garments designed in Paris with sophisticated, refined and exclusive ‘’Haute-Couture’’ details. Our collection offers dresses, dungarees and bubbles from birth to 10 years old for any life occasion to a new generation of children!

Queen Marie-Antoinette is inspiring us while designing our exquisite French heirloom style pieces. 

So, we select only noble fabrics from France and Spain and we offer excellent embroidery craftsmanship to make each of our handmade pieces truly unique and to be passed down to the next generation in the family! 

Dressing up with an Antoinette dress is a romantic journey to what French Heritage offers the best in order to transform little girls into fairies!

Our Exclusive Embroideries

Antoinette Paris Flower Girls!

We are so happy to be by your side during the happiest days of your life!

We are honored to be part of your wedding cortege and dressed up your flower girls with our handmade smocked ceremony dresses. 

At Antoinette Paris we attach a particular importance to all weddings because they are a sacred union for eternal and divine love and are the best nest to build a family! Just the best treasure in life. 

So, we are very happy to make your bridal party magical and unique with our angelic and beautiful handmade smocked’ pieces!

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